Glass balustrades are a common sight in the majority of commercial and residential buildings. It provides a beautiful aesthetical view and enhances the views from the balcony of the house. Along with a modern look, glass balustrades also provide safety and protection to the kids of the house. You can either opt for frameless or semi-frameless glass balustrades in Brighton. With plenty of options available, glass balustrades are a popular choice for balconies and stairs nowadays. Unlike the steel or wooden balustrades, glass offers unobstructed views and gives you a chance to admire your surroundings.

Contact a professional building contractor, and you can effectively use these balustrades for either balcony, pools or stairs as per your requirements. The glass that you use for balustrades also comes in different styles and forms. You have got the option of using a frosted, tinted, clear or even semi-transparent glass for the same.

Read on to see the three most common applications of glass balustrades in Brighton’s every property premises.

1. Balconies

If you live in a high storied building, installing a glass balustrade in the balcony seems like a wonderful option. It acts as a barrier protecting kids and pets from falling off. Moreover, the clear glass balustrade not only increases the aesthetic value of your property but also gives you the option of enjoying breathtaking views from the balcony. Moreover, using glass balustrades makes the room look spacious and bigger. Thus, this is a popular application for balconies.

2. Pool fences

Like balconies, pools also require attractive barriers or fences alongside the poolside. Glass railings are the most feasible and beautiful option in this case. House owners prefer this type of fencing as it gives them the option to view the entire pool through the glass. Moreover, kids and pets are protected, and the poolside looks beautiful.

3. Home staircases

A glass balustrade provides a contemporary and stylish look to the whole house interiors; hence home owners like using the same for staircases. Using wooden balustrades for staircases makes the passage darker; however, glass lets light into the staircases and improves the house’s surroundings. Thus, glass balustrades are suitable for commercial and residential constructions.

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