The front doors play a significant role in contributing to the safety and aesthetics of the house. It is always advisable to install a front door that is durable, weather-resistant and has the option of installing different security locks. However, opting for glass doors for the house’s front doors has always been a point of fascination for many homeowners.

The term glass brings the idea of a brittle and breakable item to the mind of many. However, approach any professional for glass doors in London, and you’ll be amazed to find a few invincible options. If you’re interested in a glass front door, you can choose several types of durable and secured glass options.

A range of glass door options will certainly make your house look elegant and assure the highest degree of security you need.

What are the Types of Glasses used for Front Doors?

Tempered Glasses

As the name suggests, this is a hard and durable variety of glass which can be a safe option for the front doors. It is heated to 1200 degrees and cooled immediately to make the material sturdy. Since it has a good wind-resistant capacity, they are a good option for the front doors. Moreover, they will not break down easily as they can withstand high amounts of stress.

Impact-Resistant Glasses

These are the preferable options if security is the primary concern for you. They are laminated glasses made by bonding three layers of glasses together. This triple bonding helps to strengthen the glasses as the bond is strong and makes the glass hard to break. The middle layer of this type of glass panel is made of either polyvinyl betrayal or ethylene-vinyl acetate. They are weather-resistant, and the glass will not shatter down even if they break.

Triple-Layered Glasses

These glasses are also made with three different layers of glass panes as they offer a high level of security. The way these glasses are constructed includes two outer layers of tempered glasses and a middle layer in between. The middle layer is generally decorative, which lends an aesthetic appeal to these forms of glasses. Thus it is an ideal choice for the front door decors.

At MD Glass Partitions Ltd, we offer a range of front glass door options for commercial and domestic properties.