Office partitions are used to create private spaces within the commercial premises. The construction of separate small cubicles is not a solution for office privacy. Cubicles might make the office space look claustrophobic. However, with the help of creative office partitions in London, you can create privacy and keep the office space open and spacious. Especially using glass partitions helps the employees communicate with each other, thereby maintaining their private office space.

The blog highlights the type of creative glass partitions in London that you can install to create private space within the commercial premises. Read on and redesign the office space accordingly, which can benefit the employees’ interest and help the business flow in place.

How to create private space using office partitions?


Use Creatively Designed Glass Partitions

Using glass partitions is an effective way to reduce external noise. Moreover, by installing glass partitions, you will not have to compromise the aesthetics of the office space. You can try glass partitions to create separate spaces and a vibrant atmosphere.

Remote-controlled Office Partitions

Remote-controlled office partitions are highly versatile. With the help of a button, you can easily operate the partitions and allow privacy within the office floor. Depending on the mood and practicality of the office premises, the remote-controlled partitions can be easily operated. Generally, conference rooms are the most popular choice for building remote-controlled partitions. This helps to discard the visual distractions and ensures privacy in the conference room.

Acoustically Designed Office Partitions

Acoustically designed workspaces will help improve the space and the aesthetic value of the office spaces. You can use acoustic office partitions for cafeteria and open-air conferences. Think of designing the break rooms using high-backed couches that will act as a partition within the office premises.

Use Plantation for Office Partition

Being trapped in a cubicle for hours can seem demotivating for the employees. You can add sustainability to the concept of office partitions by building a green office partition. These partitions are generally known as biophilic design trends, where plants and leaves are attached to the partition wall to make the office environment greener. This doesn’t make the employees feel trapped and helps them embrace nature.

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