Are you looking for suitable door options for patios? Frameless glass doors are not only the best option for patios but also enclosed showers, ensuite bathrooms, walk-in closets and even home offices. Finding the right supplier for glass doors in London can spoil you with a range of choices. Frameless bifolding doors are different from regular bifolding doors. Here are some key features of these doors. 

Main Features of Frameless Glass Doors


Like other bifolding doors, frameless doors allow you to open in, out, and slide left or right. In a conventional bifolding door, all the panels are hinged; hence, they work together. On the other hand, a frameless bifolding door is more versatile. This is because each folding panel isn’t related to each other, which allows you to choose which side and door lead to open. You can also create air gaps to let fresh air enter the room; the best part is you don’t need to fold all the doors back. 

Saves Space:

Though all sorts of folding doors encroach on the inside or outside of the property when stacked together, the visible bulk of the folded doors is considerably less. 

Create Larger and Taller Doors:

Nowadays, many aluminium bifolding door systems are made in larger sizes with door widths of nearly 1200mm and heights of about 3000mm. But, many of these cannot be made at maximum sizes. For instance, a 3-metre door will usually require to be narrower as wider door panels might have height restrictions. 

A frameless bifolding door can be made nearly 1.5 metres wide, whereas 3 metres in height every door panel. This helps in maximising the glass area. You can also install them if you plan a contemporary extension with floor-to-ceiling doors.

Other features of frameless glass doors include:

  • Allows more natural light, creating a brighter and airy atmosphere.
  • Makes the space feel larger by enhancing the light flow and outside views. 
  • Create a modern, contemporary and minimalist appearance. 
  • Easily customisable as you can design a suitable glass for your space.
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance as just a regular wiping using a soft cloth can keep it in good condition.
  • Last for years because of high-quality glass.

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