Nowadays, the majority of offices prefer using glass partitions instead of the standard office partitions. Standard office partitions were previously made of either wood or plywood. However, glass partitions are aesthetically more pleasing compared to the standard partitions. Some of the glass partitions come with a smooth finishing that gives a professional touch to the partition. However, some employers prefer standard partitions as it allows them to work more closely. Standard partitions are a great option for those who like working in enclosed spaces with little privacy.

The rising demand for office glass doors in Kent shows that people are finding more benefits in such partitions compared to the standard ones

4 Major Differences Between Glass and Standard Doors

1. Aesthetics

Unlike many other factors, a glass partition is highly recognisable and demanding because of its aesthetics. If you install a glass partition, it will give a professional look and an elegant finish to your overall office premises. On the contrary, it generally blocks the views, thereby making the space look small. They are typically closed plans. However, they are suitable for those who want to work in secluded spaces without any hindrances.

2. Long term affordability

Both glass and standard partitions are cost-effective solutions. However, glass stays for a longer time compared to wooden and standard partitions. Moreover, if you build permanent walls as partitions, then it can be long-term and costly. Moreover, you can alter the office layout if you use standard partitions. On the other hand, glass is an effective solution and has long term value. Once you invest, you can alter and use it for a long time.

3. Designs and diversity

In glass partitions, unlike the standard ones, you’ll get many styles, shapes and sizes. In standard partitions, there are only a few options left. It is possible to customise the designs according to the space and shape. However, fitting the partitions in small spaces can be difficult.

4. Visibility

Glass partitions allow clear visibility of the office space. Natural lights can flow in easily through these types of partitions. However, in a standard one, the help of artificial lights has to be taken to improve the visibility. Thus, your energy bills will be higher if you opt for standard partitions. On the contrary, if you opt for the glass partitions, the employees will be able to view each other, and you’ll get lower electric bills.

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