Glass doors have become a popular choice in modern architecture. From residential complexes to office spaces, one can find glass doors everywhere. The owners of the properties chooses the variety of glass doors according to their functionality.

Modification of the Glass:

The glass used in producing doors can be modified in various ways. One modifies them to make the glass more durable, light and protect privacy. The toughened glass is a primary choice for homeowners.

Types of Glass Used for Making Doors:

Here, one can find the different types of glass used to produce durable glass doors in London.

Tempered Glass: This glass is a hardened version of the standard float glass. The glass is modified through various chemical and thermal treatments. When it breaks, it does not produce sharp-edged shards. It shatters into small bits that have blunt edges. The glass is used in sliding doors.

Tinted Glass: Tinted glass is popularly used in manufacturing doors and windows. It reflects the heat and protects the interiors from harmful UV Rays. The colour of the glass is produced by mixing different metal oxides. When choosing it for the door, one can customize the shade of the glass.

Double/Triple Glazed Glass: This glass can be a perfect choice if a residence is located in a busy locality. They have an extra layer that prevents the noise from coming inside. The glass also controls the passage of heat. So the interiors can remain cooler during summer and warmer during winter.

Reflective Glass: It is used at doors as it protects the privacy of the rooms. The glass also has heat reflection features that control the interior temperature. Reflective glass is a popular choice for various commercial enterprises. It can be perfectly used for making a sliding glass door.

Frosted Glass: The usage of frosted glass for doors dates back to the Victorian age. It gives a classy look to the room. The surface of the glass is roughened by removing some parts of silica. One can also produce creative designs on the frosted glass. It can be a great addition to a home with a medieval theme.

These glasses are used to manufacture doors for their safety, durability aesthetics. The price varies according to their features.

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