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Glass Balustrades

Our high quality glass balustrades make an instant impact on your outdoor spaces, be it around a pool or seating area or adding a modern look & feel to indoor spaces, Glass Balustrades are a perfect choice. A sleek and clean solution for a stylish appearance on your stairs, balconies, patios, and decks.

We can supply and fit both balustrade systems that use posts and frameless systems, with or without handrails, dependant on your requirements, get in touch to find out how we can help with your project.

frameless balustrade
frameless balustrade

Advantages of Glass Balustrades

Long-lasting Impact
You will seldom see wear and tear on glass balustrades. Glass often remains exactly as it is over decades. Proper cleaning and maintenance save it from scratches or any other form of damage.
The Green Choice
As a recyclable option, the glass should be your number one choice. You can be a friend of the environment you live in by simply choosing an eco-friendly installation.
Safe to Use
Glass is usually quite lightweight. Even if someone accidentally runs into a glass balustrade, they wouldn’t suffer any major injury.

High Quality Glass Balustrades In Brighton

Your search for a reputable supplier and installer of glass balustrades in Brighton ends here. MD Glass has years of experience in installing a wide variety of glass balustrades which can bring a positive touch to your outdoor space. They are both appealing and affordable.


With years of experience in the industry, our focus is always on maintaining the reputation earned by us over the years by installing safe glass balustrades. They are professionally installed which makes them a safe choice for properties in Brighton. To ensure safety, we follow all the building regulations when designing or fitting glass balustrades. We also ensure that there is no jagged edge in frames or clips. Irrespective of the type of glass you choose, it won’t compromise your safety. Install one in your stairs, balcony, patio or deck and you can enhance its appeal easily.

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Optimise Installation

You can choose to install glass balustrades with any features you think will give you optimum value. You can install them in between glazings both clear and obscure, or with face mounts, whether flat discs or channel. You can even choose to install them with or without D-clamps or handrails.

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