Office partitions play a vital role in determining the look and feel of a workplace. These partitions can change the appearance of your office’s interior to a great extend. You can either choose solid materials like wood or brick for office partitions or opt for glass partitions to get a stylish and smart look.

As per the experts of commercial interior decorators, selecting the right office Partitions in London is crucial for many reasons. Before you select any one of these two options mentioned above, you should know their differences and individual features to make an informed decision.

5 Vital Points to Consider While Choosing Between Solid and Glass Partitions

Access: Installing partition walls inside the office will restrict free access anywhere on the floor. However, when you want to keep this restriction limited, you can consider having glass walls instead of one made of wood or bricks. Glass partitions allow you to have a clear view of various sections of the office, communicate with colleagues with expressions and body gestures without even calling out for their names. This cannot happen with solid partitions.

Light and Brightness: Your office interior must have enough light and brightness to look healthy and welcoming. Brick or timber partitions may look stylish, but they often block natural sunlight and make the floor look darker than they really are. On the other hand, glass partitions allow natural lights to reflect easily. These walls also reflect artificial lights systematically to keep the interior warm, bright and cosy.

Storage: Both glass and solid partition walls can create excellent storage space for your office interior. You need to draw a layout of the available space in your office. This layout will help you to understand how to install the partition walls to get a suitable, practical and stylish storage space to keep your office goods safely.

Flexibility: When it comes to getting something flexible in terms of design and style of office partitions, the glass will win the race. You can use glass to create alluring, unique and smart partitions for various segments in your office. Brick and timber walls may not be available with such outstanding flexibility.

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