Digitalisation has changed the working environment in every office space. Due to high employee demand, office spaces are getting congested because they are forced to employ dozens of people. When you have many employees sharing the same floor space, you might need new ways to create and make more space for your employees.

Office partitions are thus a feasible way to manage the same and make more space. Many employees in an office prefer using personal space of their own. However, it is not a cost-effective option. Here are some of the common types of office partitions in London that you can use to maximise your office space.

4 Types of Office Partition Designs

1. Glass partitions

Glass partitions are generally thin and sleek and hence offer a stylish space to the overall office decor. They allow the natural light to fill in and hence gives the illusion of a bigger space. Moreover, they take very little space and hence, the cubicles look spacious. They also reduce the noise within the office spaces.

2. Separate cubicles

Cubicles are half in height and are made separately for each employee to enjoy their private space. The office space seems bigger since the employee has to sit with all the belongings inside the specified cubicle. The messy situations can be avoided as well. The work desk, computer, and other employee arrangements are made inside the small cubicle, limiting space consumption.

3. Floor-to ceiling partitions

This is a popular solution to break down the bigger workspace into smaller ones. These partitions are not completely enclosed. Thus the visibility and communication are not hampered. They are generally made from metal and can be moved from one place to another.

4. Portable partitions

You can construct portable partitions for your home as well. These have rollers attached at the bottom of the same. If you’re planning on using the partitions temporarily, this is a very good option. Move them from one place to another easily without any hindrance. However, unlike the other types of partitions, they offer more privacy and less scope of communication. Further, they are noise-resistant, and hence you can work peacefully if you are a lover of a peaceful working environment.

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