Frameless glass balustrades are the best alternative to a traditional stair railing. Regardless of the fact whether you’re building a new house or renovating an old one, frameless glass balustrades can work wonders. They are the most popular home decor trend nowadays. They make the interior, and the exterior both look appealing.

Although many owners opt for glass balustrades for commercial and domestic projects, frameless glass balustrades raise questions in many. Hire a professional for glass railings in Essex. They will successfully install the same without damaging the visual appearance of the balustrade.

Why Should You Opt For a Frameless Glass Balustrade?

1. Durability and security
Frameless glass balustrades promise security and aesthetic beauty for every type of property. Since they are frameless, the glass used in these balustrades is thick and made of tempered glass. Thus they are more durable and sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions and blows. They are a secure option if you have kids at home.

2. Visually attractive
Since there are no frames, the balustrade is attractive and visually appealing. It renders a sleek, modern and stylish look. Stainless steel hardware is used to hold the frameless balustrade in place. Generally, high quality and polished steel hardware are used for the purpose. This is visually appealing and makes the interiors of the property beautiful.

3. Easy to maintain and install
Frameless glass balustrades need very low maintenance. The surface is smooth, and hence, there’s less chance of the same getting dirty. Moreover, since it is made of glass, you can wipe it off with a soft wet cloth and remove the dirt. Even professional glass balustrade installers can easily install the same without any fuss. Thus every builder prefers installing frameless glass balustrades.

4. Natural light source
They give the most elegant look if you install the same in your living room area, balcony or terrace. The glass allows the sun’s light to pass in without any obstruction. Moreover, a frameless balustrade will give you the option of enjoying the view from the seat without any obstruction. Thus installing the same adds to the magnificent look of the home interiors.

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