Glass balustrades have the added aura of making your homes and businesses appear in a classy, sophisticated style. They also serve as a functional barrier, often required by laws and regulations. Glass balustrades in the UK come in diverse ranges and fittings, so you might find it difficult to choose from such wide varieties. This blog is here to help you out with precisely that.

Frameless or stainless steel?

Glass balustrades usually come in two options: framed and frameless. The framed category is the most common. A framed balustrade may consist of a post and rail system or a post-only system.

The stainless steel posts between each glass panel help to hold them in place and provide additional safety to fortify them. Sometimes, there are matching handrails along the top. This add-on further strengthens the barrier and enables people to lean on it for support.

On the other hand, the frameless glass balustrades have a rather minimalist appearance. Hence, if you want to avoid the added paraphernalia of the rails and posts, your best call is to choose the frameless glass balustrades. The latter offers a more subtle, classier and more minimalistic appearance.

Which type of glasses should you pick for your balustrades?

For most domestic installations, toughened glass is the standard go-to. But you may want to opt for something sturdier in case of a public or commercial setting. An alternative readily available for this purpose is laminated toughened glass. This type of glass is reinforced by sealing two layers of toughened glass together with an interlayer.

The right decision to choose the glass should be dictated by where you intend to install the balustrades and for what purposes. Are you installing the balustrade as a space divider? Or would you rather want to use it as a protection against a change in floor levels? Your decision will ultimately govern the types of glass and fixtures you need to adopt.

The best balustrade fitting for your window

Once again, the right style of fitting depends on where you want to install it and for what purpose you are installing the window. The size and shape of the fittings can have a big impact on the entire look. Hence, your aesthetic decisions matter most in this case.

A lot of users prefer fitting the panel into a slim profile at the base. This creates a sleek appearance without any prominent bulky fittings. So, if you are going towards a minimalistic look, this could be your option. On the other hand, another style, aka ‘The glass button’ style, is also growing in popularity. This style uses circular stand-off or offset fittings to hold the base of the panels. Glass buttons are an extremely suitable style for the stairs or balcony edges.

In a nutshell, you need to consider factors such as purpose, space, budget and maintenance to find the most suitable glass balustrade to install. MD Glass Partitions LTD, the leading provider of glass balustrades in Surrey, can guide you in making an informed decision.