Switchable Glass


Switchable Glass Partitioning

Privacy on demand!

Are you looking for a partitioning solution with that certain ‘wow’ factor?
Our switchable glass (also known as smart glass) is one of the most stylish and contemporary products we install. With the ability to switch between clear and opaque glass at the touch of a button, you’re sure to impress both staff and visitors.
The dual-purpose glass partitioning offers flexibility to the workplace, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds!

How Does Switchable Glass Work?

Switchable glass partitioning is made up of different layers: the glass itself, a self-adhesive layer, a soft, flexible and transparent ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) layer and, finally, a layer of tiny liquid crystal molecules.
So, what’s the science behind it? Well, when the smart glass is turned on, the small molecules of liquid crystal align, allowing light to penetrate through the glass and forming the transparent mode. When your switchable glass is turned off, the crystals are unaligned and block the light, forming the opaque setting.

The Important Details

Smart glass is incredibly practical, but also becomes a unique stylish design feature within any office / home space.