Fire-rated safety glasses are commonly used as an indispensable safety component for walls, especially commercial premises. For interior and exterior walls of the buildings, these types of glasses are used especially in the doors, walls, windows and floors. Unlike the older days, with improvements in technology, the designs for fire-rated safety glasses have changed. You will not have to worry about messy, tangled wiring that might hamper the aesthetics of your commercial premises if you’re planning on installing a fire safety glass in the UK.

There are different types of fire safety glasses available nowadays. The two major types include fire-protective glass and fire-resistant glass. Depending on the type of safety needs for the commercial building, the glass is chosen.


Types of Fire-rated Safety Glasses



They have the capacity of stopping the spread of fire to a large extent. Modern IGUs can be easily customised to suit the needs of all exterior and interior applications within the commercial premises. Very low maintenance is required for the IGUs. Hence, it is a common choice in commercial concerns.


These glasses can withstand a temperature fluctuation of around 1000 degrees celsius. It is a versatile product used in windows, doors, cooktops and fireplaces. However, they can’t block the radiant heat and conductive heat. They only have the capacity of bearing high temperatures.

Intumescent Glass

This is a type of laminated glass composed of alternating layers of glass and intumescent sheets. There are two layers in these types of sheets. The outer layer shatters during the fire while the inner layer expands under the high temperature and creates a barrier against smoke and fire, thereby protecting the rooms’ appliances and walls.


How do Fire-rated Glass Systems help in Improving the Building Designs?


Unlike the older days, with the help of technology, fire-rated systems have developed and become modernised. Hence the building structures have also changed over time. You can now easily get fire protection without showing the world that you’ve installed the same. Nowadays, fire-rated glasses are clear, lustrous, flexible and brighten up the interior spaces.

Instead of using steel and other metals to create fire safety products, modern technology has allowed using glass to look aesthetically appealing.

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