Glass doors are widely preferred by people who want to comfortably sit on a couch and enjoy the stunning outdoor view. Install a transparent glass door if you wish warm sunlight to shine through your commercial property. Choosing the right door is very important as it is the medium of connecting you with the surroundings and bringing the outdoors inside. They should be both safe and secure. Whether you are planning to install them in your office or retail store, make sure you choose the right glass variety for the door.

4 Common Types Of Glass For Your Commercial Glass Door

1. Transparent Glass

If you want to install a glass door in your retail store that will allow passerby to check out the items in your shop, install transparent commercial glass. Clear glass doors are generally seen in beauty saloons, clothing boutiques and small offices. Get in touch with a reputable company offering glazing services and they will let you know whether a transparent glass door is a right option for your commercial property.

2. Stained Glass

Stained glass doors are widely preferred by business owners in Kent who want their commercial property to stand out from the crowd by installing beautiful doors. There are numerous churches with this type of commercial glass doors. You can also see them in nightlife venues and restaurants as the glass variety creates a festive atmosphere. They are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, so you can choose one which matches your interior design.

3. Tinted Glass

You can install tinted glass doors in your commercial property if your office is located in a place without any shade. To make the door appear darker, a film is used to cover the commercial glass. It is like a pair of sunglasses protecting your business as it restricts the amount of solar heat entering your building. You don’t have to worry about the interiors becoming too hot during summer.

4. Safety Glass

Install a door in your office with safety glass and you don’t have to worry about robberies. They are specially designed to endure blunt force. Even if the glass cracks, the laminate will hold the pieces of glass together. Two common benefits offered by safety glass doors are privacy and security.

These being said, it is time you choose a suitable glass variety and install a beautiful glass door in your commercial property.