The pandemic of covid-19 has taught us the hard truth of maintaining distance between every individual. As the incidence of the pandemic is decreasing, people are trying to return to their normal work life. However, the companies are trying to impose restrictions and measures to ensure that the spread of infection can be controlled as much as possible. Hence, office partitions in Surrey have been in demand lately.

Office partitions are a smart way to design the office where the significant distance between the employees can be ensured. Moreover, glass partitions are a smart way to encourage collaborative working and let natural light flow into the office premises.

4 Benefits of Using Glass Partitions for your Office

1. Keep Distance and Aesthetics

Glasses are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and they are the most creative way to keep a distance between the employees. Post-covid, the office designs will be more open than closed. Hence, glass partitions will help instead of wooden cubicles because they will allow the employees to see each other. Thus, they can keep their distance and won’t need to visit each other.

2. Easy to Clean

Glass partitions can be cleaned every day using disinfectant solutions, and the process is completely mess-free. Just take a soft cloth and mop it up. Unlike any other type of partition, these are easy options, and the cleaning process doesn’t hamper the overall work process of the office. You don’t need to shift the employees to get it cleaned.

3. Direct Communication

Employees don’t need to walk up to each other because they can directly communicate through the glass partitions. Hence, unlike closed cubicles, this is a better solution. Glass partitions keep the privacy intact but also helps in decreasing the incidence of the spread of the virus.

4. Low Remodelling Cost

If you want to change the office design and structures, then the remodelling cost will be much less in glass partitions. You can easily take them off and fix them somewhere else. Glass partitions are already a common thing in the office. Hence, you can easily use them for some other purpose. Modular partitions, on the other hand, are designed keeping in mind the structure of the office. Hence during remodelling, the cost of changing the same is very lower.

Apart from these advantages, natural light also flows through the glass partitions. Hence, post-covid, it is essential to keep a warm and hygienic environment within the office. Thus, glass partitions are a good option.

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